institutional broker

Tradianz OMS

Low latency architecture to support order routing, feed connectivity, account and risk management. OMS is a centralized server which manages user management with supported hierarchy broker, sub broker and client, allow having access for integrated solution for real time quote and order server, sophisticated risk management. Our OMS provides access to connectivity to major Indian exchanges and in progress international exchange’s.

Our OMS Offers:
  • Real time market data connectivity
  • Low latency order routing engine.
  • Supports multiple assets, multiple exchanges.
  • Pre Order risk management
  • User Management
  • Account management.
Tradianz TWS

Advanced TWS with rich feature, high performing and scalability, which facilitates retail and institutional users to view, analyze and trade either on their dealing desk via Desktop and Web Applications.

User has complete flexibility to configure dashboard, make over screen as make their trading convenient.

Our TWS Offers:
  • Scalable, high performance and customizable front-end solution.
  • Supports all major asset classes like equities, futures/derivatives, commodities, FX and options.
  • Provided all type of order execution can be normal and conditional orders like market, limit, stop, stop-limit, OAO, OCO, GTC and other exchange defined.
  • Other key UI features includes real time quotes, trade snapshots, watch lists, historical charts, indicators, order book, trade book
  • Interactive Chart tool with more than 100+ indicators and oscillators.
  • Plug-in for feed integration for any real time analytical engine
  • Supported tool for real time monitoring for trade opportunities, risk parameter and action task.
  • Real time alerts system on defined rules i.e. pop up, mail.
  • Locking, Encrypted protocol has been defined to secure TWS.
Tradianz Data Manager

Feed server provides the market data connectivity to multiple assets and multiple exchanges. It access to fast, real time and reliable data. Manages real tick and multiple configured periodicity.

Our Feed Server offers:
  • Access to Fast, Real-Time, Reliable Data.
  • Tick and historical data management with multiple assets and multiple exchanges.
  • OHLC data with configurable price point i.e. LTP, BID, ASK
  • Display real time data for dealer excel.
  • Real time data can be used for analytical tools (MATLAB, Amibroker, Meta
  • Stock, Ninja Trader)
  • Storage in standard format (CSV, Database).
  • Alert system for any data violation rules.
  • Daily report for data storage.
Tradianz XL

Excel Add-on’s provides the complete flexibility to use excel as trading dashboard for trade execution. Quote and order excel integration have low latency execution. Most suitable plug-in for trader who prefer excel for strategy design, computational capability, feed display.

Our XL offers:
  • Real time & historical quote on excel spreadsheet cell.
  • Order execution from excel using simple macro.
  • Provides user flexibility to apply strategy written on excel
  • Order and trade report execution.
Tradianz Simulator

Simulator can be effective tools to playback historical tick data for any specific date and time. User can reconfigure & manipulate feed to run historical data to back test strategy with simulated real tick. Simulator provides the functionality to back test HIT and BID based strategy with trade report based on simulated real time order matching.

Our Simulator offers:
  • Playback historical real time tick data.
  • Date & time duration can be configured for simulation.
  • Provide simulation method for HIT & BID based strategy.
  • Provides order matching on simulated tick to evaluate strategy efficiency.
  • Flexible for trading and learning purpose.
Tradianz Risk Manager

Risk manager a smart solution for real time risk analysis of portfolio. Report and alert can be generated on real time. Risk parameter can be customized to evaluate portfolio risk. Tailor made features to cater trader need to manage risk.

Our risk manager offers:
  • Support multiple hierarchies.
  • Real time risk analysis of portfolio.
  • Contract Management, BAN and Block/Unblock contract.
  • Position Management at different hierarchy level.
  • Force and Auto square off
  • Net position, Unrealized & realized P/L
  • Real time Greek calculation of portfolio
  • Exposure & Margin report
  • Estimated calculation for SPAN, Brokerage and STT
  • Real time buy sell ratio report
  • Report generation at user, dealer and department.
  • Flexibility to customize rules for alert
  • Auto trigger rule on risk violation.
  • Alert generation on violation, can be voice, sms, mail, pop up.
Tradianz Ticker

Ticker provides to manage tick by tick feed provided by exchange. This provides complete order book of symbol to ‘n’ depth level. Advantageous product for trader to analyze impact cost for order execution and analyze market pattern to best decide the strategy exit & entry point.

Our ticker offers:
  • Market depth for symbol to ‘n’ level.
  • Apply trigger point to analyze entry and exit
  • Analyze impact cost for order execution.
Tradianz APIs:

API provides the flexibility for third party developer and user to create own dashboard, interface and Algo System. API which provides access for quote, order and RMS server.0

Our API offers:
  • Provide access to order, quote and rms.
  • Aynsc event based API implementation.
  • Provides complete flexibility and accessibility for any third party implementation.
  • API is available on C++, .net and java.
Tradianz Algo Studio:

Algo Studio is high level programming interface for user who want to implement algorithm for real time execution. This serves and provide easy interface to be used from base to high level implementation without sharing to anyone.

API Studio:
  • Easy and high level programming interface for strategy writing.
  • Flexible to deploy and execute.
  • Provides relevant function, more than 150+ indicators.
  • Provides dynamic compiler to also run & execute MQL, AFL.
  • Provides user to secure and password protected there strategy.