research and analytics

Tradianz Data Creator

Advanced analytical tools for data mining and data analysis. Platform provides verified and clean data for analytical. Powerful tools help to analyze data by applying various mathematical & scientific functions. Specially designed for users who want to play with data with intense data mining & applying method to understand trend & profit opportunity on financial data.

Data creator offers
  • Powerful tools for analyzing financial data using data mining, applying mathematical & scientific function.
  • Facilities to create custom series and apply to time series data.
  • Data point series can be created with multiple periodicity, customize time series data and further it can applied to any user created custom index for result set.
  • User custom formula/ index can be created on historical & real time data.
  • Output of custom series can be provides in user defined method i.e. Metastock, Amibroker, Excel, MATLAB.
  • Series valuation can be broadcasted to trader on excel to visualize the trend of market.
  • Multiple periodicity and tick data of LTP, BID, ASK can be evaluated on the platform.
Tradianz Strategy Studio

Introducing Strategy Studio, a powerful new versatile programming language for traders that provides the framework to build trading systems without any prior programming experience.

Strategy Studio is a non-procedural scientific vector programming language that allows traders to develop trading systems as rapidly and effortlessly as possible.

Strategy Studio offers
  • Create automated order entry scripts
  • Run thousands of simultaneous alerts
  • Create back tests and optimizations
  • Build script-driven charts and experts
  • Get formula outputs in real-time
Tradianz Trade Signal

A solution for Investment advisory company/individual researchers which basically provides recommendations for stocks, commodity and forex. Fully fledged packaged product to provide easy accessibility to end user to receive signal, configure profile & alert settings, message forwarding to social messenger and sms. On provider side, can be configurable to analytical tools like Amibroker, Ninza and MT4.

Trade Signal offers
  • Web based access for profile & alert management.
  • Backend can be integrated to analytical tools i.e.Amibroker & MT4
  • Signal generated can be shared to all subscribed users.
  • End user can access dashboard and apply alert rules.
  • User can view alert performance and statistics.
  • Alert delivery can be configurable and provided through SMS, Social media and messenger