retail broker

Tradianz Broker

A complete brokerage solution for broker to provide trading solution for retail clients. Solution provides base and advance level interface for user trading.

Tradianz Social Trading

An innovative product can be booster to promote retail market, we provide a simplistic platform which use social power to connect users; as mentor & retail traders. So solution is based on creating and providing social connect trader to help and share the trade for making copy trading to respective following mentor.

Social Trading offers
  • Provide best mentor to help trader for making trades.
  • Mentor can share their trades and can allow there follower to make copy trades.
  • User can follow and make real time copy of trades performed by mentor.
  • Provides trading statistics to display individual performance.
  • Provide mentor performance and trading statistics which help individual to choose the best mentor they can follow.
  • Backtest and compare you mentor performance and subscribe for real time and simulated environment.
  • Reliable and transparent ecosystem for individual to rely and make trades.
Tradianz Cloud Algo

A cloud based solution which provides a integrated a solution for traders who prefers to use analytical tools like Amibroker, MetaTrader 4 for making automated algorithm trading. Since long time it has been challenge for trader to have such a integrated rather than making them to arrange everything and integrate and run their strategy, which definitely effect traders effective work which would have helped to make more money. So, this platform should be robust and reliable solution for trader.

Ous ‘PAAS’ Algo offers
  • Access to Fast, Real-Time, Reliable Data.
  • Easy, reliable and transparent solution for making analytical tools based automated trading.
  • Single interface to control everything from one click, help to have full control on the trading.
  • Integrated solution with added feature to make save trading by allowing dynamic SL, trailing SL, Multiple Stop loss & Target price, partial trades setting.
  • Faster & secured real time execution with low cost ecosystem.
  • Interactive UI to keep trader updated with their strategy performance
  • Allow individual to upload respective strategy and make easy trades.
  • Trader can make simulated trading to better analyze performance with NO risk.
Tradianz Charts

Charting application supports real-time charting for stocks, futures, options and analytical tools with interactive graphical interface to get charts with standard indicators, oscillators, line study. Real time and historical data with backfill with standard & custom periodicity.

Our chart offers:
  • Chart with real time and historical data for respective exchanges.
  • Standard and custom periodicity with 6 months backfill.
  • Provides high level programming interface to write strategy/algo.
  • Facilities backtesting on historical data.
  • Platform can plug-in provides data for analytical tools like Metastock, Ninza Trader and Amibroker.
  • Marketplace to paid and free subscribes mentor indicators and strategy.
  • Chart with 100+ technical indicators, line study that may be customized by the end user
  • Zoom-in, Zoom-out, scroll-left, and scroll-right programmatically or via the keyboard or mouse wheel.
  • Users can save/load charts, restoring data, indicators, colours, drawings, period objects and more.